Friday, February 22, 2019

Old Durbar Black Chimney- Nepali Whisky

Old Durbar- A name unknown in the world of whisky lovers. Today,I am proud and excited to showcase this whisky because it is from Nepal, a country not so famous for producing liquor as it is is for its highest peak Mount Everest. I also happen to be in Nepal on vacation so decided to do a blog dedicated to Nepali Whisky. For people who might not know, the reason for my excitement is I am from Nepal and it is an honor to write about my first Nepali Whisky. 
This would also be a good exposure to fellow readers to learn about liquor produced halfway around the world in the Himalayas. Compared to other Whiskies made in Nepal, this whisky is an exception  in terms of quality and packaging. As far as availability is concerned, it is not yet available in the US yet. I will be bringing back a bottle for my fellow whisky lovers to try though 😄
According to the product story in the packaging, this exquisite & rich Old Durbar has been patiently matured & mellowed in American Oak barrels in Scotland for 8 years. Then the imported peated Scotch Malt is blended with English Grain spirit and spring water from the Himalayas and matured for a few months in European Oak Sherry Barrels. This is where the magic happens and how the whisky gets its unique taste.
Vital Stats
Old Durbar Black Chimney Blended Reserve whisky 
Price- NPR 3350( $29.50)
ABV- 42.8%
From -  Nepal ( Matured in both Scotland and Nepal)
Distillery- Yeti Distillery,Nepal
Awards won- None but it has won the hearts and minds of all Nepalese 🙂

Tasting info
Serving glass- Whisky glass

Serving style- On the rocks(Pictured above, Rounded Ice ball maker available in amazon)
Appearance- Light copper
Aroma- Slight hint of smokey peat
Flavor- I identified faint flavor of vanilla spice with overwhelming peat flavor
Finish- Short and smokey. The taste does not linger in mouth for long

SJ's Rating- Second Shelf
It is an export quality whisky and is highly enjoyable. However, it lacks the balance and smoothness required for it to be in my top shelf. I found it way better than the regular Old Durbar which I will review in my future blogs.I used ice to null the strong flavor and to make it a little smoother to drink. In other words it is not a very smooth drink but a reasonable one if you want to try an international brand. Also, If I could change the packaging I would make the bottle translucent and not opaque.This will give clear visibility to the  contents of the bottle. I give it an extra credit for trying to bring quality and maturity to Nepali whisky and giving the Scots and Irish the run for their money 😃

I am sure you enjoyed this one and as always I try to bring something new and exciting. I plan to review more Nepali liquor like Khukuri rum and also international ones that I have tried. Can't wait to share my tasting notes with you. What are you thoughts about this whisky? What international brands have you tried or would like me to review? Please comment below.
Thanks for visiting my blog and Cheers 🥃


  1. Wow, did not know about this. Will have to get my hands on some :)

    1. Yep it is well worth a try. Very good whisky of Nepal.

  2. Nice to know, Will have to try this, Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Definately Praveen, I am happy you are willing to try new whiskies.

  3. loved it taste amazing smooth and you right the vanilla is settling

    1. Looks like you enjoyed it a lot! Would love to read your comments for my other whisky reviews as well. Thanks

  4. Hello SJ, can you tell me which taste of a suitable snack for a tasting goes well at the old dunbar

    1. Since this drink is smokey I recommend plain chips or peanuts to go along with it.


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