Thursday, April 18, 2019

Grandpa's Grogg IPA

As you guys know I am not a big beer drinker but I do enjoy a nice cold one once in a while and drink it as a chaser with my whisky.This is my first beer review and what a fun way to kick start it. I had a beer sample provided by a colleague to get feedback on a home brew. Thank you Mark for this! Just promoting the good stuff appreciating the hard work that has gone into making it. Who knows this could be a global brand if it picks up to give it a shot. Also since summer is approaching it is quite enjoyable to have a cold one to quench our thirst.  Since this beer was tasted by some other friends I am including their comments as well. Interesting to see how everyone enjoyed it in their own way. Different words yet same enjoyable experience. Have fun reading their review as well. 

Vital Stats
Grandpa's Grogg IPA Home Brew 
Price- Free 16oz bottle provided for review, not available in stores yet
ABV- 6.5%
Type- IPA
Awards won- Everyone who sampled it gave it a gold medal :-)

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Beer glass
Serving style- Chilled (No other way to drink beer 😄)
Appearance- Beautiful amber
Aroma- Hoppy with hints of citrus
Flavor- Full of creamy goodness, bittersweet taste
Finish- Smooth long finish( As expected of a good IPA)

SJ's Rating- Top Shelf (In this case top rack of the refrigerator 😄)
I was absolutely taken by surprise as to how well made a home brew could be. Had it been sold in the stores I would have no clue. This beer is outstanding ; its beautiful color, pleasant smell and unique taste makes it a well rounded IPA. I enjoyed drinking this one as I like stronger beer's and IPA's are the perfect ones for my taste buds. This beer need to be out in the market as soon as possible for public consumption and I wish all the best to its makers. 

Here are other friend's experiences and pictures.
I would gladly purchase this if it was available in the store. The brewer has done an excellent job making it taste like a professionally done craft beer. I would love to see this out in the market for public consumption. I also like the name, it is quite unique and witty like the beer itself. I am highly impressed by the packaging as none of the flavor and carbonation had escaped the bottle.

The experience starts with an effervescent POP of the ceramic stopper so you know right from the beginning its going to be fresh. Immediately a pleasant citrus nose wafts up the bottle. At the pour a beautiful amber glow emerges that is consistent throughout. The head is respectable, medium thickness with staying power through the last sip. Upon tasting, the citrus theme energizes the palette and awakens the senses to orange, grapefruit, and possibly a light hint of berry. As expected of a quality IPA the finish is hoppy but not overbearingly bitter.

The recipe is a keeper. Nice fruity tones. And while strong, it wasn't overpowering in taste"
Have you tried any home brew or IPA's? Let me know in the comments. Have a awsome long weekend.
When you have a thirst, think safety first!
Cheers 🥃


  1. I was one of the lucky few in the Lone Star State who got to try this well crafted beer. Like SJ said, never would have known this was home brewed if I hadn't been told. Quite a delightful beverage!

    1. BA.. yes we sure did enjoy this home brew more than we expected. Also looking forward for some new brews to review from the expert homebrewer.


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