Thursday, July 18, 2019

Herradura Anejo Tequila and San Antonio visit

I recently took a family trip to San Antonio,TX and what better opportunity to eat Mexican food and sample some good tequila. This is my third visit there and it gets better every time, the riverwalk boat ride, the weather... food and drinks and its historical sites are worth a visit anytime. I am reviewing Herradura Anejo Tequila for today's review. Anejo's are meant to be sipped and not mixing in margarita for which cheaper silver and reposado tequila's are commonly used. 
Herradura Anejo tequila are aged for 25 months in American White Oak Barrels. It is produced by Casa Herradura who introduced Anjeo to the world in 1962. They are the pioneers in blending modern and traditional techniques crafting this precious golden liquor. 
Enjoy the pictures of San Antonio and my tasting notes.

Vital Stats-
Herradura Anejo Tequila

Price- $44.99 for 750ml bottle($10 per glass)
Age- 25 months
Type- 100% blue agave
Country/Region- Mexico
Awards won- Master Super Premium Anejo 2018- The Tequila & Mezcal Masters

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Shot glass
Serving style- Neat with lemon wedge
Appearance- Rich golden
Aroma- American white oak aroma from barrel, agave and vanilla
Flavor- Similar to the aroma with hints of caramel and chocolate
Body- Medium bodied
Finish- Long and smooth and gentle fruity finish. Lingers in mouth for a while.

SJ's rating- Top Shelf 
Premium,affordable and highly enjoyable sipping tequila. SJ's tip- enjoy it neat so you can taste the delicious flavor.

Created some good memories at The Original Mexican Restaurant, Riverwalk, San Antonio

Delicious 1800 Rita

Yummy Mexican food

Enjoyed a slice of history at the Alamo

Entrance to the Alamo

One of the original Cannon from the Battle of Alamo back in 1836. Wow!


  1. Good drinks, good food, good times!

    1. Absolutely.. we enjoyed a lot. You should come visit again! and of course enjoy Herradura as well.

  2. Not a tequila guy but your review makes me wanna try!

  3. Love San Antonio! Great history. I'll bet William Barrett Travis wished he had some Anejo back in 1836. I like the pic of the rita with the river in the background, very cool!

    1. I know.. every time I visit San Antonio it is an amazing experience. Nothing better than chilling at the riverwalk with good tequilla.


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