Friday, September 13, 2019

Cerveza Pacifico Clara review & Mazatlan,Mexico visit

Hello Single Malters, today I am reviewing Cerveza Pacifico Clara, it is a lesser known Mexican beer. Got a chance to taste this beer during my trip to Mazaltan,Mexico. As you can see I clearly killed two stones with one by sneaking in a review while enjoying the beach. You know I care about us :-)
Let's get to my tasting notes and also sharing the pictures of my trip. Enjoy! 

Vital Stats- 
Cerveza Pacifico Clara
Price-  MXN$ 200( For six pack of 355ml)
Age- Not Applicable
ABV- 4.5%
Beer Style- Pilsner
Awards won- None I could find

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Regular tall glass
Serving style- Chilled(Best and only way to drink beer 😃)
Appearance- Light & Pale

Aroma- Very faint whiff of lemon, crisp fresh aroma
Flavor- Crisp with hints of citrus and light pepper
Body- Medium bodied
Finish-  Clean, fresh.Does not linger in mouth.

SJ's Rating-  Middle Shelf 
Good for quenching thirst in a beach to cool off from the heat. Also good for chasers and an alternate to the more popular Corona beer. I however like corona better because it is stronger and better taste.

                                                             Mazatlan visit pictures 
Aerial view of Mazaltan shoreline..Hermoso lugar!

Stayed in beautiful Costa de Oro resort

Priceless view from balcony
Lunch at the resort's restaurant..guess what grilled fish :-)

After fueling my body it was time for some adrenaline rush with parasailing

Amazing experience 

Taking it easy at Gus Gus Restaurant

Gus Gus Shirmp so yummy had it twice

Their margarita on the rocks were fresh and tasty

Some nightlife at The Oyster Bar(It is where the locals hang out) 

Buenos Dias Mazaltan..

Mexican dish..Stuffed jalapeno very authentic

Getting some Banana Boat Action

Pretty sunset between the two islands

The author SJ(Right) and buddy B.A. had a blast can't wait to go back again. 


  1. I want to go back RIGHT NOW! What a great time. I’m a light beer guy so Pacifico Light was just my speed, crisp and refreshing, quite tasty.

    1. No words can describe the fun we had out there. Yes the light beer is a good refreshing beer as well thanks for reminding.

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    1. Hey it is my pleasure. I had a such a lovely time and the people are so nice and friendly. Lots of amazing moments created in Mazaltan, will definately be back soon.


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