Thursday, January 23, 2020

Ageing whiskey in Barrel at home

Hey Single Malters,  I have recently picked up a new hobby that is ageing whisky in mini barrels. Well at least I am going to try and see how it goes. I got this barrel/dispenser as a Christmas gift from my lovely wife. I am having so much fun with it and sharing how I am ageing a whiskey in today's post. It has been exactly one month since I aged this whisky and will update you once I do a tasting comparison with non-barrel aged whisky to see the difference so stay tuned for that in my upcoming blogs as well. For now Enjoy!
In today's post I will include
1. Type of barrel used
2. How to age whisky with step by step instructions with pictures
3. Tips on which alcohol to use for ageing

The barrel/dispenser I used in from Sharper image
Setting the stage, the packaging contents 

Instructions  to age alcohol 

Step by step Instructions 

Step 1- Remove the plug from the front of the barrel(remember to keep it safe so it can be used later)

2. Wash barrel with warm water, shake and empty
3. Use the attached funnel to carefully pour your whiskey in the barrel(I used Evan Williams Bottled in Bond) 

Step 4- Carefully screw the sprout into the front of the barrel

Finally all done 

Labelled the ageing start date of Dec 24,2019 and wait to let the magic happen

Some tips on ageing whiskey
I did some research on which alcohol to age so came up with suggestions to go for a higher proof alcohol. Hence, my quest began to find the perfect alcohol. My criteria was higher proof but not so high that it would have no change in flavor. Also, slightly cheaper whisky which means it hasn't  been aged for too long. I found Evan Williams bottled in Bond which fit my requirement. It is 50%ABV and just $13, match made in heaven. It is not too high proof or aged too long that I would not notice the difference when it matured.
Also, I kept 1/4 of the liquor just so I could compare it with the matured whisky when it is ready. Now how long I plan to age it is a big question. Well that I do not know, I will leave it at least a month and sample every month to see the difference. For now my intent is to enjoy the process of aging and reap the fruits of my labor eventually.
So go ahead knock yourself out and age yourself some good whisky. Cheers 🥃🥃🥃 & choose to enjoy responsibly.
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