Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Colombo Marsala Dry wine

With a mission of uncovering one bottle at a time, Today I am reviewing Colombo Marsala Dry wine. It is fortified wine which means cognac has been added during the maturation. This makes it higher in ABV of 18% and I love it. Enjoy some background about this wine, tasting notes and food pairings in this blog. 
Reads the product label "Colombo Marsala is unique, versatile wine made only on the island of Sicily on the Italian Coast. For centuries, Marsala has been enjoyed as an aperitif before a meal or during desert. More recently top Chefs use Colombo Marsala for their finest recipes when absolutely top-quality ingredients are required". Well I am no top chef but I will test out if this statement is true or not by using it for cooking Marsala Chicken and of course reviewing the wine. Enjoy!

Vital Stats
Colombo Marsala Fine Dry Wine
Price- $8.99
Vintage- N/A
Age- Aged for over 2 years(minimum 1 year by law) in Slavonian Oak Barrels
ABV- 18%
Region- Marsala,Sicily, Italy
Producer- Bagio Curatolo Arini
Awards won- None

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Wine glass
Serving style- Chilled
Appearance- Dark Red

Aroma- Grapes,sherry
Flavor- Semi sweet, oak, sherry,chocolate,grapes
Body- Medium
Finish- Short,Non-Lingering
SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf
Very versatile wine for cooking & enjoying by itself. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Higher ABV as well which is what I like. It lacks the tannin, leathery mouthfeel so not in my top shelf.
Occasions- Dinner with family & friends

SJ's pro tip(Food Paring)- Use it to cook Marsala Chicken & enjoy alongside.

I simply enjoyed cooking with this wine and pairing it with my food. Try it out and feel the magic. 
Cheers! Enjoy responsibly. 
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