Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Teacher's Highland Cream

Hello Single Malters, today I am reviewing Teacher's highland cream. Expect to get some information on the following- 
1. Reason why I chose this whisky
2. Legacy behind this whisky
3. Vital stats
4. Tasting Notes
5. Occasions best enjoyed
6. Food pairings
7. FAQs 

First things first, I chose this whisky out of the many blends available for these reasons
1. High single malt content from Ardmore distillery. It claims to have a majority of its malt whisky(45%)  from the distillery which is quite rare to find in a blended scotch. 
2. High ABV - 43%. I have not seen many blends that are higher than 40% 
3. Peated- Nice pettiness for a blend. Again except for Johnnie Walter Double Black I do not know of any other blends that are peated. 

The product label explains it best "Highland cream- There is a distinction in every bottle of Teacher's Highland Cream because we add more peated malt. All blended Scotch is a mix of two kinds of whisky-malt and grain, but Teacher's Highland Cream includes a high percentage of peated malt from Ardmore distillery. More peated malt adds flavor and quality. Genuine quality you can taste it, can you can see it in the golden glow of the liquid" Enough said, it is time to enjoy some and let the whisky prove the genuineness behind this story. Enjoy my tasting notes! Cheers 🥃🥃🥃

Vital Stats- Teacher's Highland Cream Blended Scotch Whisky
Price- $29.99 for 1.75ml pictured($16.99 for 750ml bottle) 
Age- NAS(No Age Statement)
ABV- 43%
Region- Highlands
Distillery- Ardmore Distillery, Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Company- Beam Suntory 
Awards won- None found but I give it a Gold medal. 

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Glencairn Whisky Glass
Serving style- Neat
Appearance- Medium Gold

Aroma- Faint peat smoke, oak, vanilla, honey, nice creamy toffee, nutmeg, orange. Not much aroma.
Flavor- Smokey peat is omnipresent from the first sip, light sweetness from oak, citrus, cinnamon.
Body- Full 
Finish- Very interesting, though it starts light the finish is smokey and lingering with some bitterness
SJ's Rating- Top Shelf
It exceeds all expectation in terms of flavor for a cheap blended scotch. Once again flavor beats price. It is quite rare to find this combination in any other competitors higher single malt content, higher ABV & high in peat. It is a bargain deal for smokey lovers & people new to whisky. 
Occasions Best Enjoyed- Casual gathering. I enjoyed playing cards with friends.

Cocktails- None, Enjoy neat, on the rocks or club soda
Food Pairings- Khasi fried, Rice, Veggies, mula ko achaar. Heavy goat meat complimented the peaty flavor of whisky

SJ's Pro tip- Perfect as a light summer drink with ice. Normally peated whisky is suitable for winter but since this is light on the palette, I recommend it for summer time as well.

1. Is Teachers's Highland cream whisky good? 
Teacher's Highland cream is an excellent blended scotch whisky. It has higher content of single malt than most blended scotch & peaty flavor 

2. What can I mix with Teacher's Highland Cream? 
Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or with a splash of club soda. 

I enjoyed this relatively new Scotch and the surprisingly awesome flavor for the price. Check it out for yourselves and find out. Cheers 🥃🥃. Enjoy Responsibly. 
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