Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Santiago Station Cabernet Sauvignon

Santiago Station Cabernet Sauvignon- In my top shelf. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I can barely distinguish between a $10 bottle vs $100 bottle of wine.It all tastes the same to me- like wine. I have, however developed a liking for cabernet sauvignons and marsala wines.. Today , I intend to cover the following-
-Background behind this wine
- Tasting notes
- SJ's Rating
- SJ's Pro tip
There is literally no information about where this wine comes from apart from the broad description "Product of Chile" and bottled by Santiago Station,CA. It left me to my imagination where and how exactly was it produced. Now I am beginning to think this is a big box brand of Total wine. 

Vital Stats- Santiago Cabernet Sauvignon  
Price- $4.99 for 750ml 
Vintage- NAS(No Age Statement)
ABV- 12.5%
Country- Chile 
Region-Central Valley
Bottler- Santiago Station, Livermore & Ripon, California
Awards won- None found but SML gives it a gold medal for quality and value

Tasting notes-
Appearance- Dark

Aroma- Red grapes
Flavor- Typical red wine, grapes. Starts out bland but builds on the tannin feel from red grapes
Body- Full bodied
Finish- Medium, short sweet finish
SJ's Rating- Top Shelf 
A few sips and I felt the smooth velvety texture of this wine. It could easily be sold as a $100 bottle with all the fancy bells and whistles. Pretty good stuff
Occasions- Dinner with friends and family
SJ's Pro tip- Cheap yet great wine if you are on a budget(or not)

I enjoyed sampling this wine, even though I do it very less and incline to my single malts. This one is special I urge you to enjoy it!. Cheers! Enjoy Responsibly!. 
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