Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Making Kombucha at home

 Hello single malters, as promised I made Kombucha at home and am sharing the easy recipe with you. I really enjoyed preparing Kombucha, waiting, and seeing how it would turn out to be. Here it is! Enjoy. 

In today's blog, I will share the following
1. Stepwise instruction on how to make Kombucha at home. 
2. Tasting notes SJ's Rating (Yes I am rating myself) 
3. Kombucha as an alcohol replacement
4. Different flavors I made

Steps to make Kombucha

Ingredients /equipment needed
a. Black loose tea or tea bags
b. SCOBI- Easily available when you look online. 
c. One-gallon jar
d. Utensil to boil water to make black tea. 

Time required- Minimum 7 days & additional 2 days after adding fruit. 

Step 1 Bring two cups of water to a boil 
Step 2 Add two tablespoons of black tea  & half a cup of sugar. Let it boil for a couple minutes.
Step 3 Steep tea and let it cool off for 10-15 minutes
Step 4 In a gallon jar pour the tea and and add cool water leaving 3-4 inches off the top. 

Step 5 Gently add SCOBI to the mixture

Step 6
Secure the top with a cloth and rubber band. Label the bottle with your name. I named it SML Kombucha and most importantly the date to keep track of the length of time. 

Step 7 Place in the warm area between 75 to 85 degrees F. "Cold is Mold" says the instructions

Step 8 Leave it for a minimum of 7 days then you can start enjoying it. 

For flavoring and fizziness

                                    Chop up your favorite fruit, I chose fresh strawberries ..Yum!

                      Next, add a few pieces of the cut fruit in an empty bottle (Also made, orange flavor)

                           Add your recently fermented kombucha in the bottle using a funnel

Let it sit for 2 days. Make sure you open the lid once a day to let the gas out or else the bottle might break.  Then enjoy the fruits of your labor! 

Vital Stats- SML Kombucha Strawberry, grape cocktail(homemade)
Cost- $12 for Scobie, $20 for big gallon jars that's it. ( I did not add the cost of tea and fruits because this is expected to be in most households not resulting in extra cost)

Tasting notes 
Appearance- Nice appealing amber gold

Aroma- Faint aroma of fermented tea, grapes & strawberry.
Flavor- Tangy from strawberry & grapes, sour, strawberry dominates the flavor 
Body- Medium
Finish- No noteworthy finish
SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf 
Because it is a decent effort for the first time, lacks something not sure exactly what. Maybe I need to add some more sugar to make it sweet. I would definitely drink it again. though The point of this experiment is you can make decent Kombucha at home and not have to shell out a fortune to buy it. 
Occasions- All rounder, have it in between drinks, and a great choice for non-drinkers all day round. 
SJ's Pro tip- Very good for health. Cheers!

Kombucha as an alcohol replacent
1. Replace a drink with Kombucha to hydrate. 
2. Drink Kombucha if you still want a solid beverage but are cutting back on alcohol. 
3. Mix it with your favorite drink instead of juice or soda. 

This is a fun hobby to pursue and a healthy one too! I will continue making more kombucha(in fact already started SML batch 2 kombucha ).  Try it out at home and enjoy it with your family & friends. Cheers!
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