Monday, July 12, 2021

Abasolo Mexican Ancestral Corn Whisky

Abasolo Mexican Ancestral Corn Whisky is on my Middle Shelf. I enjoyed this pour from Mexico. In today's post I intend to cover the following;

-Brief history behind this whisky
-Tasting info
-SJ's Rating 
-SJ's Pro tip
-Food Pairing
This whisky is produced by Destelieria y Bodega Abasolo. The website claims "It is the first and only distillery built from the ground up and dedicated since its inception to capturing the millenary Mexican culture of corn in whisky". It further says "Here on the distillery grounds, the past and present exist side by side just as they do in our bottle and work hard to maintain the Alma de la Tierra(which means the soul of the earth) ". Quite a passionate and rich history of this distillery.
Now about the product itself. It is a rich and smooth whisky crafted using the finest cacahuazintle corn. This type of corn is said to be tender and of the finest quality available. I believe this is where the magic of this whisky lies. Now, it is time for the world-famous tasting! Enjoy!

Vital Stats- Abasolo Mexican Ancestral Corn Whisky
Price- $40.99 for 750ml($3.79 for 50ml sampler)
Age- NAS
ABV- 43%
Region/Country- Mexico
Distillery- Destileria Y Bogeda Abasolo
Imported by- Casa Lumbre Spirits, Manhasset, NY
Awards won- None found 

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Glencairn glass
Serving style- Neat
Appearance- Light gold

Aroma- Corn, caramel, bourbon
Flavor- Sweetness from corn is dominant, citrus, a hint of toffee
Body- Medium
Finish- Medium linger, corny finish
SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf 
Though it is top-quality imported whisky made from the highest quality corn, it lacks the aroma and finishes to be on the top spot. Comes in a very attractive and unique rectangular bottle. 
Occasions- Outdoors bbq
SJ's Pro tip- Great as a gift because it gives an exotic appeal 
Food Pairing-  Grilled corn & chicken bbq
This was a completely new experience for me since it is a corn whisky. Absolutely enjoyed it and I see it has a place on casual occasions and goes well with food. Check it out for yourselves, Enjoy! Consume Responsibly!. 
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