Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Pairing food with drinks

Hello single malters, today I am not reviewing any liquor. Instead, sharing my picture gallery of food that I enjoyed with my drinks. Whisky & food pairing is a very complex subject on its own and I continue to find out what food best compliments a particular liquor. 

I have to admit that Nepali food is the best with any drinks. The spicy food makes drinking highly enjoyable. Turning back to my blog, I enjoyed momos with my drinks the most. 

When tasting single malts- No food pairing is needed because single malt is a taste in itself and food will interfere with the real flavor and also the aroma. Hence, I eat first then drink. 

As a rule of thumb pair food with the flavor of the whisky for example if you taste vanilla in your whisky pair it with vanilla ice cream. 

Enjoy my Delicious food gallery!

Nepali food

                                                        Sausage & spicy potatoes on a stick
Chicken momo with Yuengling beer

Sausage & Spicy potatoes on a stick 
Pork Choila

Bhatmas sadheko, aachar

Mutton sukuti
Duck fry Nepali style

C Momo

Other food

Pork ribs with umami fries

Chicken & Rice

Chicken bbq

Homemade chicken sandwich

Milestone soup with cornish hen

I am sure your mouth is watering by now :-) Reach out to me for any recommendations on drinks for your upcoming occasion. 
Not in the mood to read? Listen to my SingleMaltLives Podcast instead.
Enjoy some delicious food with your drinks, Cheers! 


  1. Replies
    1. Lol, yeah all this food went down really well with the drinks. :-)

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