Monday, June 6, 2022

The Hakushu 12 Single Malt Japanese Whisky

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Occasions, tips, alternates, cocktails, food pairings, SJ's Rating, Feel.

SJ's Rating- Top Shelf 
Highly refined Japanese single malt. Just as expected smooth, fruity, slightly peaty and so tasty. It is so light and smooth you don't feel like you are having a 43% ABV golden liquid πŸ˜€
Occasion- Casual
SJ's Pro tip- Great as an after-dinner drink because it is smooth, light & sweet
Alternates- Hibiki Harmony fits the bill as an alternate. 
Cocktail- N/A
Food Pairing- Nepali food (Spicy chicken curry, pickle, beaten rice)

Feel- Light & enlightened πŸ˜‡

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The Hakashu distillery was established in 1973 as stated in it's website. It is one of the highest distilleries located at an elevation of over 700 meters. The magic happens when the pure air, water and unhurried distillation process meet that making this golden liquid. 
The website states that The Hakushu 12 is a green and fresh whisky. It lives the four seasons in high altitude where its flavor comes from. This whisky truely libertes your senses from its beautiful aroma to fruity, smokey aroma and silky smooth finish. 

Enough talk! Let's get to my tasting notes. EnjoyπŸ˜ƒ

Vital Stats- The Hakushu Single Malt Japanese Whisky 
Price- $139 for 750ml
Age- 12 years
ABV- 43%
Region- Japan
Distillery- Hakushu Distillery, Japan
Awards won- None found

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Glencairn whisky glass
Serving style- Neat & also on the rocks
Appearance- Light golden
Aroma- Fruits, smokey, orange
Flavor- Light floral, smokey, orange
Body- Full
Finish- Long, lingering, spicy smooth

I loved it, try it is all I will say πŸ˜†. Cheers! πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒ. Enjoy Responsibly!
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