Monday, September 5, 2022

Lagavulin 16


The first segment(Mostly not available on google search)

Occasions, tips, alternates, cocktails, food pairings, SJ's Rating, Feel. 

SJ's Rating- Top Shelf
Great! just as expected for a 16-year-old smokey single malt. Loved the richness and layers of flavor it imparted. The interesting thing about it is that even though it has a peaty flavor, the other flavors shine through and are not overpowered by smokiness. It is very balanced. 
Occasion- Friend's housewarming party
SJ's Pro tip- Goes well with food
Alternates- Benriach 12
Cocktails- N/A
Food pairing- Nepali food
Feel(After drinking)- Satisfied

The second segment(Technical details that are mostly available on a google search)

The website of Lagavulin claims "Lagavulin is said to be one of the oldest distilleries on Islay and is world-renowned for its smoky, peaty whiskies". 
Reads the product label "Revered by connoisseurs and experts, Lagavulin is known as the king of Islay. It is an essential scotch whisky that any connoisseur or enthusiast must have in their collection; one of the world's favorite Malt Whiskies. Aged in oak casks for at least 16 years, this much sought-after Single Malt has the massive peat-smoke flavor that's typical of southern Islay while also offering richness and a dryness that turns into a truly interesting dram."
As a connoisseur and expert myself I attest to every word in this product story. 

Enough said, time to devour this delicious pour, enjoy my tasting notes. 

Vital stats- Lagavulin 16 Single Malt Scotch 
Price- $103.99 for 750ml
Age- 16 years
ABV- 43%
Region- Islay
Distillery- Lagavulin Distillery, Islay, Scotland
Awards won- Best single malt scotch 13-17 yrs, 2014, International Whisky Competition 

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Party plastic tumbler
Serving style- Neat
Appearance- Dark amber
Aroma- Peat, dark chocolate, fruits
Flavor- Smokey, hints of dark chocolate & fruits
Body- Full
Finish- Warm, spicy long, and lingering

I really enjoyed drinking this and hope you will too. Cheers! Enjoy Responsibly. 
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