Thursday, June 22, 2023

Gurkhas & Guns Finest Blended Whisky


The first segment(Mostly not available on google search)

Occasions, Tips, alternates, cocktails, food pairings, SJ's Rating, Feel

SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf
I enjoyed this fine liquor crafted in Scotland and celebrated in Nepal. 
Occasion- Pasni celebration
SJ's Pro tip- Gerat on the rocks or neat
Alternates- Himalayan Reserve blended whisky
Food Pairing- Nepal food
Feel(After Drinking)- Satisfied

The Second Segment(Technical details that are mostly available on google search)
Reads the product label "Crafted in Scotland, this exceptional whisky, handcrafted by our master malter from the finest whisky reserves in Scotland.You are enjoying a rare 10 year old Speyside Single malt Aged in Sherry Casks blended with famous highland malts in bourbon casks"

The product story is reasonable and I agree with it. Now it's time for the best part, tasting. Enjoy my tasting notes. 

Vital stats- Gurkhas & Guns Finest Blended Whisky
Price- $25.04 for 750ml
Age- 10 years
ABV- 42.8%
Region- Speyside Scotland & Nepal
Distillery- Avanish Distillery, Nepal
Awards won- None

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Whisky glass
Serving style- Neat & on the rocks
Appearance- Dark amber(like honey)
Aroma- Honey, vanilla, sherry
Flavor- Sweet, sherry, vanilla
Body- Medium
Finish- Smooth, warm,medium linger

I absolutely enjoyed reviewing this delicious whisky. Hope you will give it a shot. Cheers! 🥃🥃. Enjoy Responsibly. 
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