Friday, March 22, 2019

Aha Yeto Artesanal Anejo Tequila

Aha Yeto- who knew tequila could be sipped and not just used as shots to get drunk quickly. It has a bad reputation of a party hard get drunk image. This one is however a showstopper, a gem among regular tequilas. It demands full attention to be appreciated by sipping slowly. Presenting Aha Yeto Anejo, one of the smoothest tequila my taste buds ever encountered. A rare find, unique in flavor and bottling.  It is a humbling experience to enjoy the subtle flavors of this artisan tequila. This particular bottle wasn't available in any local stores so hats off to my friend Brian who hunted for it online and found one for this tasting. He was more than happy to share this liquid treasure. Never had planned to get my hands on such a rare liquid but my lucky charm worked for me and I am proudly writing about our experience drinking this delicious pour.

Vital Stats
Aha Yeto Artesanal Anejo Tequila
Price- $57.99 for 750ml bottle(Extra for shipping)
ABV- 40%
Age- Aged in barrels for at least a year
From- Mexico
Awards won- None I could find but sure did win my heart :-)

Tasting info-
Serving glass(s)- First in Shot glass then tumbler

Serving style(s)- As shots with lemon wedge/salt and then neat
Appearance- Light golden color, darker than reposado
Aroma- Brown sugar, chocolate, fruits
Flavor- Cedar wood, nougat
Finish- Smooth and long finish. Just like a well aged fine Scotch. Very strong and lasting aftertaste.

SJ's Rating- Top shelf
What can I say about this smooth pour of tequila. It goes on my top shelf because it is a perfect alternate for single malts as a sipping drink. This is top of the line since it has been aged in barrels for at least a year. Kudos to the skill of the artisans in Mexico for crafting such an extraordinary liquor. Given the hard work and dedication needed to create this tequila, it is well worth the price. 

As a part of my ever-going cause for responsible drinking, I have come up with a few one liners of my own. Here is one of them; 
Drive when sober,
or else get  Uber. 
Hope you enjoyed reading this one. What tequilas do you think are worth sipping? Let me know in the comments below. 

Cheers to good times and more to come! 


  1. Never had this one. why is the bottle shaped like that ? I had tequilas but not as expensive. The most common as I know is the Patron, which absolutely hits good. Looks like the above one is much better, may be one of coming we can salud

    1. I agree it is quite a unique bottle. Since the tequila in it is artesanal, they probably went for an artesanal kind of bottle as well is my guess. Yes it was better than the regular patron. We should salud to some very soon😀

  2. HA! This one I know something about as I'm the "Brian" who hunted down the bottle here in the USA! Hats off to Our buddy FQ who brought the original bottle back from Mexico and started this frenzy with a tasting at his place.

    I was curious so I just purchased a bottle of Patron Extra Anejo (Red Box) which is comparable in aging and price tag. We'll see how it measures up and, SJ willing, we'll post the results in these pages soon.

    Also, when SJ promotes responsible enjoyment of our hobby he means it. I picked up the guys and brought them to my house for this Yeto tasting session and they all got a "LYFT" home.

    SJ, you can use this one of mine if you wish: "When you have a thirst, think safety first!

    1. Absolutely Brian you are the man behind this. Also hats off to FQ who brought the original bottle without which we would be unknown about this fine tequilla.
      Patron Extra aged would be an awsome comparision. We will do that one soon too.
      And what a creative line for responsible drinking. Thanks

  3. This used to be known as "Aha Toro" tequila. It's awesome!

    1. As per Aha Yeto website, for US and Canada it is Aha Yeto and for the rest of the world it is Aha Toro. Yet it is the same amazing liquid gold inside. The magic is still on despite the name.


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