Friday, March 15, 2019

St.Patrick's Day- Lets talk Liquor

St. Patrick's Day is around the corner so there would not be a more auspicious occasion to talk about liquor and my collection.I wish everyone Happy St.Patrick's day weekend and as always to enjoy responsibly. Technically it is on Sunday but still wishing all an early one. Today I am sharing pictures I took in various points in time, no reviews just dedicating this blog to the joyous and fun experiences created by fine liquor.There are many that I did not not take pictures of so I will remember from now on whenever I have a new bottle 😃. Kick back and enjoy the picturesque journey. Pictures are self explanatory but I have written the name in cases where you are unable to read the label. 

Woodford Reserve, Geroge Dickel Tenessee, Patron silver Whisky, Glenlivet 12

Patron Anejo, Jameson Cakmates, Suntori Japanese whisky, Ardmore Highland Scotch

Back row- Vantage Australian spirit, Reposado taquilla, Evan williams 

Silver presentation tray available in Amazon

One shaped like a dagger is Khukuri Rum from Nepal

Back row- Patron silver and Jonnie Walker Platinum

I hope you guys have tried some from my collection. What is a must have whisky in your cabinet? Please share your opinion in the comments below. Again,I reiterate the importance of responsible drinking and Do not drink and drive ever. There are lots of promo codes and discounts offered by Lyft and Uber so please utilize it.
Cheers..Happy St.Patty's Day and Enjoy your green Beer🥃


  1. Nice collection, can't wait to build a similar one.

  2. I need to add a whole lot more as well :-)

  3. I like how your bar is set up in modular fashion so that it can be easily organized by size, category, spirit, occasion, etc. Very cool. Mine is in a very confined space so most of the "mainstay" spirits on the bar I have purchased in the 375ml size and I refill them from larger bottles I keep in a big cabinet elsewhere. This allows me to have more offerings without it seeming so crowded.

    If you're lit and you cant find a friend and you can't afford a cab and Uber is busy and Lyft is me. If I haven't been drinking I'll pick you up. If I have been drinking, I'll find you a sober ride. That's my promise to you, whoever you may be. :)

    1. It was actually a nice counter separating the kitchen from the living room which looked like a bar. Your bar has much more variety to offer :-)
      BA that is such good public service to offer someone a ride in need. It show shows one's moral character and how responsible you are.


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