Friday, May 10, 2019

George Washington Distillery Tour - Mount Vernon

Today I am excited to present my second distillery visit-George Washington's Distillery. It is a part of a larger tour of Mount Vernon which is George Washington's house. Not the fanciest of distilleries but worth it to experience the man's legacy and to learn how whisky was made in the old days. A proud heritage stands with it of being the first distillery in the United States, the largest at its time. It was established in 1797 and produces a limited 700 gallons a year.
There are no whisky tastings available so am not able to review their products. However you can   buy a bottle available exclusively at the Distillery and Mount Vernon gift shop only. I will definitely do a review in my upcoming blogs whenever I get a chance. 
The following are their offerings which ranges from $98 to $225(Ouch..yep it is pricey). 
-Rye whisky
-Straight rye 
-Apple Brandy 
-Peach Brandy  
Without further ado I will get right to it. Enjoy! 

Tour info-
Distillery- George Washington Distillery 
Ticket price-  $18(Included with Mount Vernon entrance fee)
Location- Mount Vernon, Virginia
Getting there- 16 miles south of Washington DC. About 30 minutes drive. Check their website for details.( A shuttle runs every half an hour from the visitor's center to the Distillery )

Time to start the tour..Yay

Entrance to the distillery

The tour starts here

Different products on display and purchase at the gift shop

Whiskies with price range  

Gift ideas for whisky lovers..

This is the beautiful Gristmill ( where corn is grinned down for making whisky)

Our very entertaining and informative guide Cori explaining us the nitty gritties

The muscle that grids it together ..water generated

Grinding in action. The waterwheel behind it powers the operation

Fine powdered corn fresh out of the mill

Heading towards the distillery itself

Yep this is how old the distillery is ..1797 😃

Inside the distillery with vintage barrels and accessories needed to distill whisky

Not quite sure but I believe this is where they bathe the grinned corn before distilling 

The ingredients malted barley,yeast and of course corn

The good stuff is pouring down this pipe into the barrel and ready for maturation

Rye whisky sits comfortably in its barrel 

 Happy and satisfied me(right).Thanks Cori for the awesome tour

As you guys can see I thoroughly enjoyed the awesome tour and feel lucky to experience such a historic site. I highly encourage anyone visiting Mount Vernon to take a tour of the distillery as well because you are already there so why not? Lol..

Have you been to this or any historic distillery? Share your experience in the comments below.
Cheers and Enjoy Responsibly. 
"Drive Hammered, get Slammered"


  1. Wow ... lot of traveling. 2xAs are coming in handy for the weekend I guess :). Seems like you had lot of fun and acquired quite the knowledge for us who only know to drink. Nice pics, keep up the work

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it.Yes it has been handy for a person who loves new experiences :-). It really was a lot of fun in itself and also something to write in my killing two birds with one stone.
      Relax..this there are many more tours in the future and I will keep my readers posted..You just sit back and enjoy..


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