Thursday, May 2, 2019

Glenlivet Founders Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Fellow Single Malters..hope you are getting ready to start your weekend. Today I present The Glenlivet Founders Reserve whisky for my review. Glenlivet is one my favorite whisky and I have tried its 12, 15 year old and First fill versions. Founder's Reserve is a skillful collection of casks that enhances the signature fruity flavor of Glenlivet. The whisky is matured in traditional oak casks and also with first fill casks which gives a hint of creamy sweetness. 
I have added a new term in my tasting info which is "body". It is a little complicated to learn but once you get a hang of it you will get better with experience. "Body" in tasting terms means how the whisky feels in your mouth. Generally it would be light,medium or full bodied. It is like the texture of the liquid. A good full bodied whisky will burst in your mouth with flavors and also will be very aromatic. 

Vital Stats
Glenlivet Founders Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Price-  $27.49 for 750ml( Pictured $65 for 1.75ml )
Age- No age statement
ABV- 40%
Region- Speyside
Awards won- Gold, No age statement 2015(The Spirits Business)

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Whisky glass

Serving style- On the rocks
Appearance- Pale gold
Aroma- Citrus, fruits, clean and fresh aroma
Flavor- Fruity, toffee, zesty orange, pear
Body- Very light bodied
Finish- Short aftertaste( No lingering in mouth at all )

SJ's Rating- Third Shelf
Disappointed with this expression of so called special reserve. There is nothing special about this one. I would choose the regular 12 year old Glenlivet over this every time. This could however be used as a mixer in whisky based cocktails or with lots of ice on a summer day maybe. I would skip this when drinking neat.
Any experience with this whisky? Let me know below in the comments.

As always, Enjoy responsibly. "If not sober, get Uber".  Cheers🥃🥃


  1. The tasting notes sound appealing, will keep an eye out for this one

    1. It is a light bodied whisky ideal for summer time. Everyones taste is different .. let us know after you tried it.


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