Thursday, October 17, 2019

Topo Chico mineral water- Palette Cleanser

Fellow Single Malters , today I am reviewing a different kind of beverage -Topo Chico carbonated mineral water. I know it is not what I usually review but it is an essential drink for a proper drinking etiquette. I am turning the spotlight to the neglected humble club soda that lies on the table with the boozier liquid taking all the attention. 
As humble as it may be, Topo Chico has an interesting history behind it. The company began in 1895 and was acquired by Coke in 2017. It is sourced and bottled at the Cerro Del Topo Chico, Monterrey, Mexico. It is said that the water has healing properties which makes the drinker happy,strong and refreshed. I can attest to this on a hot summer day,a big fan of Topo Chico like most Texans and would like to visit their factory in Monterrey soon. I am not sure about the availability of Topo Chico elsewhere in the country. 

Vital Stats
Topo Chico Mineral Water
Price- $9.99 for 12 pack(12oz bottle)
Country/Region- Monterrey, Mexico
Beverage type- Carbonated water(Also comes in lime and grapefruit flavor)
Calories- Zero

Tasting notes
Since this is not whisky it would be silly of me to review it in that way. I need to come up with a different template to rate non-alcoholic drinks. All I can say is it  crisp, cleansing and hydrating what else can one ask for? The best way to drink is with a slice of lemon.(Just like Corona ). Not to forget it is a great mixer for whisky based cocktails like Mint Julip.
SJs Rating-  Top Shelf

A palette cleanser like Topo Chico is carbonated and does an excellent job in resetting the taste buds after a delicious meal. It also hydrates as you loose water when drinking alcohol which is a diuretic. While any club soda like San Pellegrio will do, I prefer Topo Chico because it has a clean, crisp taste and the packaging is cool too, it feels like a beer bottle.
Bonus tasting etiquette  
-Do not put overly aromatic perfume because it will interfere with the aroma of the whisky.
-If you use a hand lotion try a neutral one so that it does not hinder your(or others) smelling ability.
If you do not like carbonated water here are other options that work just as well
Coffee or Espresso (Black) 

Mint- I like Altoids minis

Leaving you with very cool vintage ads of Topo Chico

I enjoyed putting this together, hope you guys enjoyed reading it.
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  1. Replies
    1. Yes it is so refreshing and hydrating as well.

  2. What a great find! My Buddy SJ turned me on to this bottled delight when we were in Mazatlan. It is so refreshing and way more bubbly than other carbonated waters. The lime and grapefruit versions are good but I like the regular best for quenching thirst in the heat of summer.

    1. I have been hooked to Topo chico ever since I started a few years back. Also it is not available all over the states, Texas being an exception.


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