Thursday, March 26, 2020

Highland Queen Majesty Sherry Cask Finish

One World Many Malts. Hope everyone and their families are safe during this pandemic.When else in the history of mankind did a man(or woman) need drink as much as during these chaotic times. Luckily there are plenty of options and I am here to fulfill one mission which is to review liquor One bottle at a time. Today I am reviewing Highland Queen Majesty Sherry Cask Finish. I have already reviewed Highland Queen Majesty Sauternes Cask not too long ago & ranked it middle shelf.
Reads the product label "Since 1561, Mary Queen of Scots has embodied the enduring and noble values, history and independent spirit of Scotland. Highland Queen Majesty Sherry Cask Finish has been carefully selected from the finest malts in Scotland to offer a distinctive and smooth whisky, for the enjoyment of all. "The result we leave with confidence to your judgement"
Not it is time to find out how confidently you can  pick up this bottle with my tasting. Enjoy!

Vital Stats
Highland Queen Majesty Sherry Cask Finish
Price- $19.99
Age- No age statement
ABV- 46%
Region- Highland
Company-  Alexander Murray & Company Ltd
Awards won- None found however SJ gives it Value for Money award :-)

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Glencairn whisky glass
Serving style- Neat and on the rocks

Appearance- Medium Amber
Aroma- Nice whiff of vanilla, oak , sherry finish, peppermint, fruit,citrus
Flavor- Robust oak, sherry, defined complex flavor of fruits, vanilla, honey
Body- Medium
Finish- Nice crisp, warm, lingering
SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf
It is an exceptional value for its price. You will not find a single malt at this price point with so much flavor. It's high ABV and flavor makes it highly enjoyable. If you are on a tight budget but don't quite want to give up the single malt palette then this is for you.
Occasions Best Enjoyed- Casual drinking on a budget, Value for money, good as cheaper gift
Cocktails- None, enjoy over a cube of ice or water. Not in my top shelf because it does does not feel so robust overall.
SJ's pro tip-  Having it on the rocks reduces the burn of high ABV and mellows it down to perfection.
Stay safe and enjoy responsibly. Cheers 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃
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  1. Can this high ABV be used to wash away this virus? Just kidding..Anything to kill time and reduce anxiety...thanks for sharing SJ!

    1. We will find out after drinking! Haha..good times will fight the virus.

  2. Also tastes amazing for the price.

  3. Wondered what I could get for a low price in the single malt area. It’s a little raw but the sherry finish covered it and I found taste and aroma pleasing. I think I’ll buy it again to keep my cost down.

    1. It is a steal deal for a price like that especially on a budget it cannot get better than this. You are right about the little raw taste, sherry hides it quite well.


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