Sunday, March 29, 2020

Virtual Drinking for our well being

So what's the latest trend in drinking? Virtual Drinking of course Well more of a necessity than a trend. This blog is ad-hoc and dedicated to all looking to get an escape(at least virtually) from what the chaos going on.
Guys it is a comma, not a full-stop & we will get back strong. 
Me and my friends needed an outlet to talk, chill & share thoughts during this mind numbing pandemic. Hence one brilliant friend suggested Virtual Drinking. It needs extraordinary will power to keep sane during these times and drinking in moderation for does help :-). As always I choose to ENJOY RESPONSIBLY and advice the same to others. By responsible I mean drinking in moderation & not drinking and driving. I am strictly against Binge Drinking and highly discourage it, have been a strong advocate against it.

The experience- Zoom Virtual Drinking
Even though not physically close to each other, the feeling was still the same.. jokes floating around..pulling each other's legs and just having fun.

The participants- Mikki, Jay, Bishal,Sway, Prajwol, SJ(author), 

The drinks
I had my usual single malt , this time it was Highland Queen Majesty Sherry Cask that I reviewed last week. Other friends had beer Modelo, Shiner bock, some were having IPA names I don't remember. What I do remember is that 1-2 hours of time just floated by so quickly laughing , chatting drinking. It was definitively an outlet for us like a boys night out.

Topics discussed
Apart from the boring and highly opinionated pandemic, we talked about getting together for a grand party after this pandemic is over among others.
- Vegas trip which has been pending forever
- Cruise to Bahamas
- Movies and TV Series to binge watch
- All of us moving to Tampa, Florida where one of our friend(Jay) lives 😄
- Opening up the most expensive bottle of whisky like a 30 year old Macallan
- Interesting liquor's that are worth trying
- Showing off top shelf whisky that are our prized possessions.
Jokes apart one thing we all shared in common is that we will not take anything for granted, like going to the grocery, walking outside , taking a vacation. Humanity has completely changed its perspective on what is necessary and what is not.

The food
Some yummy food we munched during our virtual get-together. It is mostly Momos 😃😃

 SJ's tips on keeping sane during the pandemic- 
- Remember some things are not in your control, only control the variables that you can
- Exercise in any form(yoga, resistance bands), playing with kids, walking in place, mowing the lawn
- Of course have a drink and connect with friends and family.
- Watch some good TV. Recommended are
Ozark(Series), Marco Polo(Series)The Platform(movie),Blood Father(movie) all in Netflix. Danger close(Movie) in Prime.

Cheers ! Enjoy virtually for now. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
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