Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Menage a Trois Red Wine

Hello everybody, today I am reviewing Menage a Trois California Red Wine. My journey to uncover different wines is going in full swing. In my last wine tasting,I realized that I like the flavor of  cabernet souvignon and today I will share what I learned about this California Red wine. 
Menage a Trois is brand of Trinhero Family Estates which is family owned and operated since 1948. Wow..that is quite a legacy. It has 50 plus spirits brand and presence in 50 countries. Enough of the history..let SJs tasting reveal how this mass produced wine does. Enjoy my tasting notes!

Vital Stats-
Menage a Trois California Red Wine
Price- $7.97
ABV- 13.5%
Region- California
Producer-Trinchero Family Estates
Awards Won- 2014 Ultimate Wine Challenge

Tasting info- 
Serving glass- Stemmed wine glass
Serving style- Chilled
Appearance- Dark Red

Aroma- Red grapes, jasmine
Flavor- Robust,grapes, strawberry, berry
Body- Full bodied
Finish- Medium, non-lingering
SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf
It is an enjoyable, neutral red wine. It has a bold and luscious taste which is great with food and complements well if paired well. 
Occasions- Any, dinner time

SJ's Pro Rating(Food Pairing)- Pair with red meat, I enjoyed it with goat curry

Normally I drink after eating but wine is an exception and I enjoyed my dinner thoroughly with this wine. Hope you enjoyed the review. Try it out for yourself and enjoy. Cheers! 
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