Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Making Mohito at home

Hey guys, Staying at home doesn't have to feel like being stuck. Today I am making Mohito & sharing the recipe with you. It is a fun activity to do and also is a cool drink for summer. As always I did a slight modification to the actual recipe, I call it SJ's twist-Swapped gold rum instead of white rum. Also used honey as I could not find simple syrup. Follow along and you will have a rewarding fresh drink by the end of this. Enjoy!

The ingredients 

Topo chico club soda, lemon, Bacardi Gold Rum,Honey & peppermint leaves

Follow these steps to make Mohito

Step 1 Take 12 spearmint leaves, juice of half a lime in a highball glass

Step 2 Add 2 tablespoons of honey

Step 3 Muddle gently for ten seconds, bruise leaves gently

Step 4 Fill glass with crushed ice

Step 5 Add 1.5oz of Bacardi Gold Rum

Step 6 Add 7 oz of club soda

Step 7 Give a good stir to mix all ingredients

Step 8 Garnish with lime wheel & small mint wig. Enjoy!

It was so much fun making it, I loved each moment of it -sourcing ingredients, preparing & enjoying. My wife loved it as well & there is demand for more 😄. With Dallas weather heading towards the 90s I will be enjoying plenty more of these. 
A special thanks to my friend Felipe who generously provided the mint leaves. 
Try it at home, Cheers ! & Enjoy Responsibly.
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