Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

"Ignite the nite" reads the product label of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. This is bottom shelf as it can get & yet one of the top selling brands and is omnipresent in bars & clubs everywhere. It is clearly targeted to young party goers and with so much sugar there will be no shortage of energy throughout the night. Let me be very clear I do not encourage binge drinking & strictly follow & expect adults to enjoy responsibly.
Having said that let me get to some history of this brand followed by my tasting. It is a mixture of Canadian whisky, cinnamon flavors and produced by Sazerac Company. It is not whisky actually just a flavored one because whisky should be bottled at 40%, Fireball is only 33% ABV. Believed to have been originated in Canada by a bartender who was trying to warm up the night. Apparently, booze was not enough so this mystery bartender added sugar & cinnamon creating this recipe. Lets get the party started! Enjoy my tasting notes. 
Vital Stats
Price- $12.99
Age- N/A
ABV- 33%
Country of Origin- Canada
Bottled by- Sazerac Company, Frankfort,KY
Awards won-2010, Bronze Medal, Los Angles International Wine & Spirits Competition

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Glencairn Whisky Glass
Serving style- Neat
Appearance- Bright Amber
Aroma- Overwhelmingly cinnamon, cloves & dry spices
Flavor- Exactly like aroma, cinnamon , sweet. Some bite of pepper just like liquid cinnamon candy
Body- Medium
Finish- Sweet,short, non-lingering
SJ's Rating- Bottom Shelf
This is something that I would not drink to enjoy. It is too sweet for my taste. Nothing else except for the overwhelming cinnamon sugary sweetness. Surprisingly it would be great to heat up your body in colder weather like Canada where it originates from. Makes sense.
Occasions- For party goers as a shot, but don't drink too much
Cocktails- None, have it neat or with club soda
SJ's Pro tip- Have it as a desert or digestive after a meal
Food Pairings- Marshmallows, meatballs

I enjoyed tasting this red hot cinnamon liquid and it is like liquid candy. Let me know your views. 
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