Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Twisted X Austin Lager beer

Imagine a hot summer day in Dallas,TX. It is 105 degrees Fahrenheit and in the backyard with my kiddo for some pool time. Could not be a more perfect setting for an ice cold beer. Today I am reviewing Twisted X Austin Lager beer. I like trying local products and this happens to be made in TX. Established in 2011,it is a fairly new brewery & also has IPAs, Blonde Ales in its product line. Located in Dripping Springs (Interesting name ) it is about 30 miles west of Austin. 
As the label indicates Austin Lager, it is a lager beer. So what exactly is lager?  I am no beer expert & it gets quite boring to get down to the technical details. Simply put lagers use an entirely different type of yeast during fermentation. For a normal beer drinker all you need to know is it reflects on the appearance, aroma and flavor of the beer. Lagers are lighter and have a more crisp fresh taste to it and of lesser IBV. It all depends on the preference of a drinker, if they prefer a darker ale or a lager. Also the choice comes down to the environment , time of the day and weather. For example, I prefer a darker higher ABV beer during winter and lager in summer.  

Vital Stats- TwistedX -TX Austin Lager beer
Price- $8.49 for 6pack of 12oz cans
Age- N/A
ABV- 5.2%
Region- TX,USA
Brewery- Twisted X Brewing Co,Dripping Spring,TX
Beer style- Lager
Awards won- None found so I personally give it my gold medal 😀 for summer beer.
Tasting info-
Serving glass- Tall beer glass
Serving style- Ice cold
Appearance- Light, pale yellow

Aroma- Fresh citrus, lemon,fresh hops, chocolate
Flavor- Crisp,Incredibly delicious, sweet, orange,lemongrass, hops. Very well balanced
Body- Medium
Finish- Nice & smooth, short lingering from hops
SJ's Rating- Top Shelf(Of refrigerator in this case 😀)
This is amazing, well crafted lager beer. It felt like heaven sipping this cold one on a hot summer day in Dallas.
Occasions best enjoyed- Outdoor/pool party, summertime
Cocktails- N/A
SJ's Pro tip- Alternate to darker beer like Shiner Bock. Perfectly light & summer drink

I absolutely had a blast drinking this beer, the environment was perfect for this cold one. I am sure you guys will quench your thirst with it and find out as well. 
Cheers! Enjoy Responsibly.
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