Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Monopolowa 1782- Austrian Whisky

Hello Single Malters, reviewing Monopolowa 1782 whisky from Austria. Who knew Austria produced fine whisky and not just fine superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger. In today's blog I will be sharing the following information-
  • My research on the history behind this whisky
  • Vital Stats
  • Tasting notes
  • SJ's Rating
  • Food Pairing
  • Occasions best enjoyed & SJ's pro tip
There is a long history behind this legendary whisky but is more known for its vodka. J.A. Baczewski companies enjoys centuries old world wide reputation for producing the highest quality alcoholic beverages. It roots tying back to the 17th century. Back then the company was supplying the entire Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy and all the corners of the Empire. I have to say however, there is not much information readily available on the internet wiki page about this. Now enough of the legacy, what we really care is if it is good or not. Enjoy my tasting notes!  

Vital Stats- Monopolowa Whisky 1782
Price- $23.97
Age- NAS(No Age Statement)
ABV-  43%
Country of Origin-  Vienna,Austria
Produced & bottled -  J.A.Baczewski
Awards won- Gold Medalled product of Austria

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Glencairn Whisky Glass
Serving style- Neat
Appearance- Pale Gold
Aroma- Oak, pear, chocolate, honey. Similar to Buffalo trace bourbon(strange but true)

Flavor-  Sweet, Oak, honey ,caramel, lemon zest, dark chocolate, spices. 
Body- Full 
Finish- Long, smooth, warm, spicy, lingering
SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf 
Reason is because it quite does  not hit the mark in aroma & flavor compared to top shelf bourbon or scotch. It is an excellent quality whisky, amazing for the price
Occasions- Whisky flights, casual drinking
Food Pairing- Chicken sandwich & fries. The higher ABV of this whisky needed a hearty meal like this one.*

Cocktails- None, enjoy neat or with club soda
SJ's pro tip- Fantastic addition to any bourbon or scotch lover's collection. Extra bonus is I felt literally "NO HANGOVER" in the morning. 

I absolutely enjoyed reviewing this fairly new kind of whisky from Austria. Check it out for yourselves to find out. Cheers!🥃🥃🥃 Enjoy Responsibly. 
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* Food Pairing- By this I am only informing what I ate while sampling this. It is not necessary a recommendation but merely a suggestion that I enjoyed it with that food. Whisky & food pairing is a very complex subject on it's own and I continue to find out what food best compliments a particular liquor. 

This is what I follow in my tasting

When tasting single malts- No food pairing is needed because single malt is a taste in itself and food will interfere with the real flavor and also the aroma. 
Palate cleanse- After having dinner , I cleanse my palate with either black coffee or club soda like Top chico or canada dry. It gets my palate in neutral so that is can absorb the most flavor. I have written about this in my previous blog Palate clenser
As a rule of thumb pair food with the flavor of the whisky for example if you taste vanilla in your whisky pair it with vanilla ice cream. 


  1. Excellent product and pricing. I would recommend to all whiskey drinkers.

    1. Yes it is a robust whisky for the price. Not many people know about it!

  2. I came across this at my local "2am Liquor" 6 months ago (I love truth in advertising). Quite by chance, looking for something else at 1:30 in the morning. I decided to take a flyer on it for $20. What a surprise! I have paid a lot more for a lot less whisky. On my 3rd bottle now.

    1. Wow! that is great to know you enjoyed it.Lots of hidden gems in the whisky world!

  3. Not sure about the positive reviews. Found this at Grocery Outlet for $15. Took a chance on it and am not pleased. Am not a whiskey snob, didn't expect much. Tough really feel like letting this go down the drain. First time ever for any whisky.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience? Where did you get it for just $15 just curious to know? Whisky is a subjective thing and I found that this is an ok drink. There are bottom shelf whiskie's that I have tasted that literraly went down the drain. I hope my reviews will help avoid that.


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