Tuesday, January 5, 2021

AnCnoc Highland Single Malt

Happy New Year 2021! Single Malters, Today I am reviewing anCnoc 12 Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. I had never heard of it before, so I made it a point to pick it up based on intuition. Was my intuition correct or did I waste $43 down the drain? You will find out at the end.  As a lifestyle habit, I like starting my year by reading a book that gives some food for thought throughout the year. Don' worry I will do my tasting review like always 😉.In today's blog I will share the following:

1. Book I am currently reading
2. My research & history behind this whisky
3. Vital Stats
4. SJ's Rating
5. Occasions best enjoyed & SJ's Pro tip.

Let me start with the book I am reading- The Myth of Capitalism and death of competition by Johnathan Tepper & Denise Hearn. It is a thought provoking read on big corporations controlling most of all consumer essentials like retail, airline, banking, healthcare. Authors also promise a  a resolution to this problem at the end of the book( I haven't reached that part 😃). 

Author SJ happily reading & enjoying a cup of coffee( Simple pleasures of life 😎 ) 

Now back to business, ancNoc is distilled by Knockdhu Distillery. (Yes I am hearing these names for the first time as well). It was established in 1894 so it carries a legacy of over 125 years...wow. Named after the nearby Black Hill, known as Khockdhu in Gaelic which is an alluring backdrop of the distillery. 
Very interestingly though, their single malt is not named after the distillery.It is  proudly named after the anCoc, which provides the source of the pure crystal spring water that is an essential element of anCnoc Single Malt Whisky. anCnoc 12 got me by surprise in a good way just like the new year brings joy in people's lives. What can I say, smooth yet not overly complex, it has its twists and turns in flavor and something for the likes of everyone. I would say it is a very versatile & friendly drink. 

Now the moment you all have been waiting for ...my very tasty tasting notes! Enjoy. 

Vital Stats- anCnoc 12 Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 
Price- $43.99 for 750ml
Age- 12 years
ABV- 43%
Country of Origin- Scotland
Region- Highland
Distillery- Knockdhu Distillery company, Aberdeenshire
Awards won- 2015 Gold, Outstanding International Wine & Spirits Competition among host of others

Tasting info-     
Serving glass- Glencairn whisky glass  
Serving style- Neat
Appearance-  Light Amber with yellowish hue

Aroma- Gentle whiff of honey, lemon. Hint of vanilla, oak, cinnamon, nutmeg.
Flavor- Wow, gets right to the palette. Light yet complex  flavor of fruits, spices. Warm & spicy
Body- Full 
Finish-  Smooth, warm, long & lingering
SJ's Rating- Top Shelf
Surprisingly light yet challenging in flavor & high in character. Long nice warm finish with an explosion of flavor in the mouth. This unknown whisky stands tall in my top shelf. The aroma is somewhat lacking though but still top quality single malt for sipping. 
Occasions- Connoisseur tasting & casual drinking with friends & families
SJ's Pro tip- Amazing whisky with high ABV of 43% compared to similar whiskies like Glenfiddich 12. 

I enjoyed every drop of this drink saying goodbye to 2020 & welcoming 2021. Wishing everyone of my readers a prosperous year..Cheers! 🥃🥃 & Enjoy it like a gentleman.(resposonbibly )
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