Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Taylor Marsala wine

Hello single malters, today I am diving into the world of wine and reviewing Taylor Marsala -a dessert wine. In today's post I intend to share the following- 

- The history behind this wine(at least attempt to find info)
- Tasting notes
- SJ's Rating
- Food Pairing
- SJ's pro tip

When I type Taylor Marsala in the search engine, there is not much information about the company, no legit site or anything. All I can find is the product story in the bottle which reads "A creamy, medium sweet marsala with raisin-like flavoring. Delicious for sipping or a gourmet touch in recipes". This is what I find amazing about this wine
- Perfect for cooking( I made chicken marsala and it was delicious)
- Great for enjoying by itself
- High ABV of 18% gives satisfaction and keep you slightly buzzed
- Cognac flavored makes it little stronger and tastier than other wines

Now for the real fun stuff, my tasting notes! Enjoy

Vital Stats-Taylor Marsala wine
Price- $5.29 for 750ml bottle 
Vintage- N/A
Age- N/A
ABV- 18%
Region- New York, USA
Producer- The Taylor wine company, Canadaigua,N.Y.
Awards won- None found 

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Tall wine glass

Serving style- Room temperature 
Appearance- Dark like cognac
Aroma- Alcohol wiff unlike other softer wines, rum, sherry, cognac
Flavor- Pleasantly sweet, raisins, hint of port &sherry
Body- Full
Finish- Short, non-lingering
SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf
It is a boozy, sweet dessert wine but not that smooth hence in my middle shelf. It is a great all occasion wine particularly for cooking. 

Occasions- Dinner with Families & Friends & as a dessert wine
Food Pairing-  Marsala chicken(what else could it be? ) 

SJ's Pro tip-  Cognac lovers will like this flavor as it is fortified wine with high ABV of 18%

I enjoyed drinking this wine, enjoying with my food and sharing it here in my blog. Check it out for your self and find out. Cheers 🥃🥃🍷🍷. Enjoy Responsibly! 
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