Monday, June 7, 2021

Busker Irish Whiskey-Triple Cask

Busker Triple cask Irish Whiskey is on my TOP Shelf. It is one of the smoothest Irish whiskies I have ever had apart from Jameson Caskmates. 
In today's post, I will cover the following information-
-Brief history behind this whiskey
-Difference between Irish and Scotch whiskey
-SJ's Tasting notes
-SJ's Pro tip

Produced in the Royal Oak Distillery, the website states, the major point of differentiation for Busker Irish Whiskey takes place during the aging process where the blend, Tripple cask triple smooth and single grain expressions mature in rare selected Cantine Florio(1833) Sicilian Marsala(This is a wine cellar in Marsala, Italy) wine casks. 

What is the difference between Irish & Scotch whiskey?

Distillation- Irish is distilled thrice while Scotch is distilled twice.
Ingredients- Scotch is made of water & barley. Irish from corn, wheat & barley. 

While the fancy Scotch gets all the attention, humble Irish whisky stands tall with its own niche market.  As compared to Scotch there are only a handful of popular ones like Jameson & Tullamore Dew. I seek to find out the hidden gems :-) like this one. 

Vital Stats-Busker Irish Whiskey
Price- $23.49 for 750ml($2.99 for 50ml pictured sampler)
Age- NAS(No Age Statement)
ABV- 40%
Region- Ireland
Distillery- Royal Oak Distillery, Carlow, Ireland
Awards won- Gold Medal 2020, LA Spirits Award

Tasting info-
Appearance- Golden

Aroma- Nice vanilla, cinnamon, spices
Flavor- Vanilla, oak, spices
Body- Medium
Finish- Exceptionally smooth, medium linger
SJ's Rating- Top Shelf
Smoothest Irish I have ever had. 
Occasions- For parties due to its cheaper price but high quality
Food Pairings- Chicken momo, the light flavor of this whisky complements momos. Match made in heaven.
SJ's Pro tip- Great alternate to Jameson

It was so much fun exploring this new whiskey, Check it out for yourselves. Cheers! Enjoy Responsibly. Not in the mood to read? Listen to my SingleMaltLives Podast instead.

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