Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Glenmorangie The Lasanta 12 Sherry Cask Finish

Glenmorangie The Lasanta 12 is on my Middle Shelf. Almost put it on my bottom shelf because of the disappointing finish. The irony is that it claims to be a sherry cask finish, there is no finish let alone a smooth sherry finish. In today's blog, I will share the following information-

1. Brief history behind this whisky
2. Tasting notes
3. SJ's Rating & pro tip
4. Occasions of use
5. FAQ- Comparing the age of the whiskies(Can lesser age whiskies have more flavor than older ones?)

Established in 1843, The Glenmorangie Distillery is known for the "16 men of Tain". These men have a legacy of generations that have spent by contributing their whisky-making skills. It is what makes the distillery unique. I have covered more interesting facts about the distillery in my previous blog Glenmorangie-10

Now about Glenmorangie Lasanta 12.  It is very interesting the way they make it! For the first ten years, it is matured in bourbon casks and for the rest 2 years, it is finished in Sherry cask. Reads the product label " Our signature spirit, distilled in Scotland's talents stills, is aged first in bourbon casks for smooth, fruity notes. We then finish this single malt in had selected oloroso and Pedro sherry casks to create full-bodied richness and complex spice." 
The finish of is sherry cask is not convincing because there is no finish at all, not smooth no hints of sherry. Now enough talk, enjoy tasting notes! :-)

Vital Stats- Glenmorangie The Lasanta 12 years old Sherry Cask Finish
Price- $44.99 for 750ml
Age- 12 years 
ABV- 43%
Region- Highland, Scotland
Distillery- The Glenmorangie Distillery, Coy Tain, Ross-Shire
Awards won- 2017 World Whisky Awards, Best Highland Single Malt (I highly doubt this award👎) 

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Glencarin glass
Serving style- 1st drink: Neat. 2nd drink: on the rocks

Appearance- Dark amber
Aroma- Very aromatic vanilla, spices, caramel, oak, strawberry, citrus. A very little hint of sherry.
Flavor- Some Sherry hints of oak, nutty & vanilla. Not as flavorful as it looks. 
Body- Medium
Finish- Highly disappointing. Flat, short non-existent, not smooth
SJ's Rating-  Middle Shelf (Almost bottom Shelf)
Because of the terrible finish, it gives no character to this whisky. The appearance and the aroma are quite robust just like its high ABV. But the flavor and finish fall flat on its knees to be on the top spot. Nor is it that bad to be on the bottom spot. 
Occasions- Casual drinking not an enjoyable sipping whisky
Food Pairing- Fried red snapper with wild dirty rice.

SJ's Pro tip- The regular Glenmorangie 10 is much more flavorful and smoother than this. 

FAQ- Comparing the age of the whiskies(Can lesser age whiskies have more flavor than older ones?)
The short answer is YES.
The reason is that that age necessarily does not mean you will enjoy it more or will have more flavor. With over hundreds of whisky reviews, I have found many examples including this one where Glenmorangie 10 more flavorful than Glenmorangie 12. The magic of wood, alcohol, and time is a mystery and where it settles for a sweet spot is more of a mystery as well. 

I loved comparing this with the regular 10-year-old and enjoy reviewing it!. Check it out for yourselves and find out! Cheers! Enjoy Responsibly. 
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