Monday, December 26, 2022

Desert Door Texas Sotol


The first segment(Mostly not available on google search)

Occasions, Tips, alternates, cocktails, food pairings, SJ's Rating, Feel

SJ's Rating- Top Shelf
First time trying sotol. I found it an amazing,  smooth & clear spirit from Texas. Tastes a lot like tequila but it is not tequila 😀
Occasion- Casual over Dinner
SJ's Pro tip- Great as a gift, since the bottle looks like a piece of artwork
Alternates- Aha yeto Tequila
Cocktails- Desert door sangria
Feel(Afer drinking)- Amazed

The Second Segment(Technical details that are mostly available on google search)

What is sotol? 
According to their website, Sotol is both the name of the spirit and the plant it is made from. 

Reads the website description "We wild harvest our sotol on ranches across Texas, we don't farm or cultivate any of our sotol stock "

What is wild harvesting? 
Unlike farming, ingredients are collected from crown native land that hasn't been farmed and no trees are cut down in the process. 

Vital stats- Desert Door Texas Sotol(Spirit distilled from Sotol)
Price- $36.99 for 750ml($2.99 for pictured 50 ml sampler)
Age- NAS(No Age Statement)
ABV- 40%
Region/Country- TX,USA
Distillery- Desert door, Driftwood,TX
Awards won- None found but I give it a gold medal

Tasting info- 
Serving glass- Glencairn glass
Serving style- Neat
Appearance- Clear
Aroma- Botanicals, fruity, juniper
Flavor- Sweet but not too much, fruity, spicy
Body- Full
Finish- Warm, lingering

This was an amazing find, I loved sampling it and hope you give it a shot. Cheers 🥃🥃. Enjoy Responsibly! 
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