Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Plantation Artesenal Rum


The first segment(Mostly not available on google search)

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SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf
Great for cocktails but not practical for sipping because it has a high ABV of 69%
Occasion- Christmas
SJ's Pro tip- Use 1oz instead of the standard 1.5 oz of this spirit. Why? Apparently, it has almost twice the alcohol content.
Alternates- Khukuri rum from Nepal for sipping
Cocktails- Mai Tai
Feel(After Drinking)- Delighted

The Second Segment(Technical details that are mostly available on google search)

Plantation Artisonal rum, the product packaging is the most confusing thing. It says a product of Barbados but bottled in France. There is information overload but no information regarding where this rum actually comes from or how it is made. 
My guess is that it is a private label but sourced from the Caribbean.  If anyone from plantation rum is readying this I would like them to share the proper information. 
About Plantation OFTD 69, it is crafted/blended quite well had has a unique artisanal taste to it. By artisanal, I mean high quality. 

Vital stats- Plantation Artesenal Rum O.F.T.D(Old Fashioned Traditional Dark)
Price- $41.99 for 1-liter bottle
Age- NAS(No Age Statement)
ABV- 69%
Region/Country- Barbados
Distillery/Bottled by Maison Ferrand, France
Awards won- Several awards including Gold Medal, 2018 World Spirits Competition

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Tumbler
Serving style- Neat and Mai Tai Cocktail
Appearance- Dark
Aroma- Spices, medicinal
Flavor- Fruity, spicy
Body- Full 
Finish- Warm, lingering

I absolutely enjoyed drinking this one. Happy New year 2023! Cheers 🥃🥃🥃Enjoy Responsibly
Taking a week off so the next blog will be published January 17th 2023. 
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