Thursday, August 22, 2019

Aha Yeto Blanco Artesanal Tequila

A few months back I had published a review on Aha Yeto Artesanal Anejo Tequila which I had enjoyed with friends. With the power of this digital footprint, I got in contact with the lovely people of Aha Yeto. They were kind enough to send me a few bottles of their tequila for my blog. I appreciate their kind gesture and am reviewing Aha Yeto Blanco Artesanal Tequila for today's review. Price point wise this is their lowest offering followed by Reposado and Anejo. 
In my last blog I had questions from readers asking what the difference was between "Aha Toro" and "Aha Yeto". So I reached out to them to clear the confusion once and for all.  According to Aha Yeto, there is no difference between "Aha Toro" and "Aha Yeto", it was an issue with brand registration. It is distilled at Destileria Rancho Cabrito. "Aha Toro" brand was found in found in 1998, "Aha Yeto" in 2002. A consistent brand image would further strengthen this brand, just like the outstanding tequila it produces for the world to enjoy. In the same price point and category,Aha Yeto Blaco easily outruns competition like Patron silver in terms of flavor and value for money. 

Vital Stats-
Aha Yeto Blanco Artesnal Tequila 
Price- $42.99 for 750ml bottle
ABV- 40%
Country/Region- Mexico
Distillery- Destileria Rancho El Cabrito
Awards won- 2010,Spain Awarded highest grade(94 points), imported alcoholic beverage category

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Glencairn Glass

Serving style- Neat
Appearance- Clear, white, colorless
Aroma- Even being a blanco it has the aroma of an anejo, aged barrel, blue agave and oak wood
Flavor- Do not be fooled by it's color, very flavorful. Bursts in mouth like an anejo, spice, peppermint, like a mouth freshener, smooth ageing in barrel flavor
Body- Medium
Finish- Smooth, lingers in mouth for a bit but apparently not as smooth as an Anejo or Reposado

SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf
All of Aha Yeto's products are no less than middle shelf. It is an excellent tequila at every price point and sets the bar high for tequilas. Even when comparing it with the more popular Patron silver, it is way higher in quality, flavor and smoothness. I would not be able to sip a Patron sliver neat but Aha Yeto Blanco is surprisingly smooth even for its base product. I think the artesanal craft comes into play which gives it a unique flavor.
Look out for Aha Yeto Reposado review in my upcoming blogs.


  1. Clear liquors are good too, I guess :)

    1. Not all.. Aha Yeto is an exception... best clear tequila I ever had.

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