Wednesday, April 22, 2020

99 Brand Whiskey

Hello Singe Malters.Today I am reviewing 99 Brand Whiskey. It is unheard of and is as cheezy as it sounds. Appropriately named because it is 99 proof or 49.5% ABV(Alcohol By Volume). Let me uncover the tasting notes of this unknown brand. Enjoy!
Vital Stats
99 Brand Whiskey
Price- $0.99 cents for 50ml sampler bottle
Age- N/A
ABV- 49.5%
Region- USA
Produced by- Polynesian Products Co, Louisville,KY
Awards Won- It gets my Worst tasting Whisky Award

Tasting info-
Serving style- Neat, On the rocks
I simply could not drink it neat so added a few cubes of ice. Even that didnt work! Lol

Serving glass- Whisky glass for on the rocks, Glencairn glass for neat
Appearance- Pale
Aroma- Grassy,raw grain , pungent
Flavor-  Sweet syrupy taste with a burning sensation, highly unpleasant
Body- Medium
Finish- Short, non existent, not smooth at all

SJ's Rating- Bottom Shelf
This is not a palatable whiskey for 99.99% of the population. Tt is a blended grain sugary syrup with high ABV. I had to throw away after a couple of sips.
Occasions best suited- None
Cocktails- N/A
SJ's Pro tip- Evan Williams Bottled in bond is a better alternate lower priced bourbon

Now you know 99 Brand is something that you "DO NOT BUY". Hope this helps and enjoyed my review. Enjoy responsibly &Cheers🥃🥃🥃🥃
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