Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Jim Beam Black- Extra Aged Bourbon

Today,I am reviewing Jim Beam Black- Extra Aged Bourbon. Reads the product label "Our premium 86 proof, double aged bourbon spends 8 years in new charred white oak barrels, that's twice as long as our original Jim Beam". Found it quite interesting so am giving it a shot...enjoy my tasting notes!

Vital Stats
Jim Beam Black Extra Aged Bourbon 
Price- $17.99 for 750ml bottle, $1.39 for 50 ml sampler bottle(pictured)
Age- 8 years
ABV- 43%
Region- Kentucky, USA
Distillery- James B.Beam Distilling
Awards Won- Gold, 2016 International Wine & Spirits Competition

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Glencairn Whisky Glass
Serving style- Neat

Appearance- Dark Amber
Aroma- Vanilla, Oak,Fruits, citrus
Flavor- Bite of cinnamon, vanilla, oak, spices, clove, extra aged in barrel brings robust flavor
Body- Medium
Finish- Smooth, long,lingering, warm, sweet, smooth

SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf
This is one of the refined higher end products that Jim Beam offers comparable to Makers Mark 46. I however like MM 46 as it has more as it has better flavor and finish. It is still a decent drink & would enjoy once in a while.
Occasions Best Enjoyed- Casual Drinking
Cocktails- Manhattan, Old Fashioned, with club soda

I am sure you enjoyed my review. Choose to enjoy responsibly! Cheers 🥃🥃
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