Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Shieldaig Islay Finest Old

Fellow Single Malters, my quest to unravel single malt whisky one bottle at a time continues.Today I am reviewing Shieldaig Finest Old. It comes from Islay-one of the smallest whisky regions in Scotland. Upon some research I found out that the same bottle comes from Speyside region as well. This is quite fishy & there seems to be no information about the distillery. Moral of the story "If you are skeptical don't buy".Reads the product label "The loch of herring, The fishermen, traders and travelers who have inhibited Shieldaig, the loch of herring over the centuries have rightly considered themselves lucky in life. A taste of this good fortune can still be enjoyed today with every measure of Shieldaig fine scotch whisky".  SJ seeks to find the truth. 😃 . Enjoy my tasting  notes

Vital Stats-
Price- $18.99
Age- Not aged
ABV- 40%
Company- William Maxwell & Co Ltd
Awards Won- None, I can see why

Tasting info-
Serving glassGlencairn Whisky Glass
Serving style- Neat

Appearance- Light Amber
Aroma- Nice whiff of vanilla, citrus,pear, fruity notes
Flavor- Very light & fruity, pepper, vanilla,light oak. Similar to Glenlivet Founders Reserve Profile
Body- Light
Finish- Very light,watery,non lingering
SJ's Rating- Bottom
I did not have much expectations from $18 scotch. It is very light bodied & the finish is non-existent. You can use it for parties as it is value for money & not for sipping.
Occasions Best Enjoyed- Summer time
Cocktails- Highball , lots of ice
SJ's Pro tip-  Highland Queen Majesty Sherry Cask is an alternate to Shieldaig. Same price but much better flavor.

No need to thank me for saving your buck 😉 Cheers! Enjoy Responsibly!
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