Monday, October 25, 2021

Tenjaku Pure Malt Japanese Whisky

One World Many Malts! The wonderful world of whisky brings me to Tenjaku Pure Malt from Japan. In today's blog, I intend to cover the following-
-Brief history behind this whisky
-Tasting notes
-SJ's Rating & Review
-SJ's Pro tip

Reads the product label "Tenjaku Pure Malt is a harmonious marriage of 100% aged malt whiskies aged in bourbon barrels." Its website claims that the water used in every bottle in Tenjaku is filtered through volcanic rock until it meets the standard for dilution. There is no information about the distillery because my guess is they import scotch in barrels and blend it in Japan. Whatever the case, it is quite an enjoyable whisky. Now for the favorite part, my tasting notes! Enjoy.

Vital Stats-Tenjaku Pure Malt Japanese Whisky
Price-  $69.99
Age- NAS(No Age Statement)
ABV- 43%
Region/Country- Japan
Distillery/Company- Tenjaku Whisky USA 
Awards won- Beverage Testing Institute,2020 Gold

Tasting notes-
Serving glass- Glencairn Whisky Glass
Serving style- Neat
Appearance- Light gold

Aroma- Bourbon, oak
Flavor- Slightly smokey, sweet, oak, citrus
Body- Medium
Finish- Smooth, spicy, short lingering
SJ's Rating- Middle Shelf
I found this whisky a little overpriced for the quality. Disappointed with the lack of finish that I was expecting and the body as well. 
Occasions- Sipping & enjoying with family

SJ's Pro tip- If you want a better sipping Japanese whisky for a lesser price go for Shin Mizunara.

This is a new find for me and an enjoyable Japanese Whisky(3-4 drinks went by so quickly 😁). Check it out for yourselves and find out! Cheers! Enjoy Responsibly!
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