Sunday, April 3, 2022

Springtime Spirits

"One World Many Malts" Welcome all to my blog SingleMaltLives. Today I am changing pace and not reviewing any drink. Instead, I am presenting some spirits and cocktails that I think are amazing to enjoy in springtime. 
Why special drinks for springtime? Well, spring is a transition from 
Cold- Warmer weather
Staying at home- Venturing outdoors

Some drinks that capture this essence of spring are ;

1. Scotch

Suntori Toki Japanese Whisky-Light & refreshing
Serving style(s)
-On the Rocks
-Highball cocktail

Glenlivet 12- Flowery & versatile
Serving style
-On the rocks with a splash of club soda

The Balvenie 14 Carrabean cask- Refreshing & flavorful
Serving style(s)
-On the rocks
-New fashioned cocktail


1800 Reposado(All rounder refreshing drink)
Serving style(s)
-1800 Rita Cocktail


Bacardi gold rum(Summer or winter, rum is yum!)
Serving style(s)
-On the rocks

4. Beer 

Cerveza Pacifico Clara (Loving this beer over Corona since 2020 😉)
-Served ice cold 😅
Hope you all enjoyed this fun little blog and will enjoy some of my recommendations. If you would like specific advice on your upcoming special occasion, reach out to me via my blog. 
Cheers! 🥃🥃. Enjoy Responsibly.
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