Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Guinness Drought stout

Guinness Draught Stout is on my TOP Shelf. In today's blog, I do not want to preach the choir since it is a world-renowned Irish beer enjoyed by millions all over the world.  Cheers! to a cold one! Enjoy my tasting notes. 

Vital Stats- Guinness Drought stout(beer)
Price- $8.99 for 6 pack
Age- NAS
ABV- 4.2%
Region/Country- Ireland
Brewery- St Gate Brewery,Dublin, Ireland
Beer Style- Stout
Awards won- Bronze in Ireland for stout

Tasting info-
Serving style- Chilled(of course :-))
Serving glass- Tall beer glass
Appearance- Dark

Aroma- Chocolate, hops, coffee
Flavor- Hops, coffee,oak, dark chocolate
Body- Full
Finish- Bittersweet, long & lingering
SJ's Rating- Top Shelf 
There really is no way of describing the beauty of this beer, you will have to try it if you have not done so yet. lol
Occasions best enjoyed- Casual
SJ's Pro tip- Great for winter
Food pairing- Chocolate cookies. The dark flavor of this beer compliments chocolate

As always it is my pleasure to inform, revive and entertain my readers. Enjoy Responsibly! Cheers once again!
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