Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Scatter Brain Peanut Butter Whiskey

Scatter Brain Peanut Butter Whiskey is a no-brainer- In my BOTTOM Shelf. I am not digging down further on this because it tastes terrible. 
Enjoy my tasting notes!

Vital Stats- Scatter Brain Peanut Butter Whiskey
Price- $18.99 for 750ml($0.99 cents for 50ml sampler)
Age- NAS(No Age Statement)
ABV- 35%
Origin- USA
Bottled by Universal Brands, Princeton, USA
Awards won- None

Tasting info-
Serving glass- Glencairn Glass
Serving style- Neat
Appearance- Medium gold

Aroma- Peanut butter(of course), vanilla, chocolate, maple syrup
Flavor- Sweet, some hint of peanut butter, sugary syrup kind of taste
Body- Non-existent
Finish- Too sweet, non-lingering
SJ's Rating- Bottom shelf
This is way too sweet for my taste, I threw it away after half a sip.  It is like liquid candy with alcohol -not my cup of tea. I would rather have a Slurpee than this.
Occasions- None
SJ's Pro tip- Avoid this one. For alternate sipping whiskies check out my other TOP Shelf recommendations. 

Some good some bad and some so-so, that's how it goes when I try different whiskies every time. I still enjoyed putting this together and am sure it has helped you. 
Pick something from the top shelf, not this one! Cheers, Enjoy Responsibly!
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